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Retirement Bliss

The Blog of Randy Bliss, CFP®

Worlds Collide - Russia and Ukraine at War Thumbnail

Worlds Collide - Russia and Ukraine at War

Despite repeatedly denying he had any designs on his neighbor, Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine late last month. Conditions on the ground are quite fluid, and we won’t delve into military strategy. What we can offer is a sobering perspective for those who are suffering in Ukraine. As I was flipping through the TV channels the other night, I was quite aware that what is happening in my home doesn’t compare to what’s happening in the homes of moms, dads, sons, and daughters in Kyiv. I wouldn’t want to trade places with them. I’m sure you wouldn’t either.

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First-Trust-COVID-19-Coronavirus-Data-Tracker Thumbnail


COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker - As of 9-10-2020 With all the information and misinformation out there on the virus, First Trust Portfolios has decided to apply what they do best to COVID-19; Data analysis. First Trust has started publishing a weekly coronavirus tracker covering the essential data surrounding the virus. The virus data is often changing, so while there is no "definitive" source, First Trust seems to do the best job we have seen of covering the critical information. Remember to check back weekly for updates!

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